Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Mask of Virtue

Applies to a lot, but I wrote it mostly about the bickering between pagans.... Enjoy!

The Mask of Virtue

Putting on your mask of virtue.
Spouting out your beliefs and truths.
Laying down the law of obscurity.
Challenging those who think differently.
Vows of purity rival cherries you have picked.
Slanderous refutes attack what some hold so close.
Since when did your beliefs become rigid truths?
Words chiseled in stone,
Unshaking, unchanging, all knowing.
A belief is something deep and personal.
Who are you to say what is wrong or right?
Virtue has nothing to do with it.
But it's a mask you hide behind still.
Never giving you the right, authority, or ability,
Yet you still hide behind it.
Your mask is slipping...

© 09 AJ

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